Saturday, 5 June 2010

Success! My first Job offer after University

So as you can see I haven't posted anything in quite a while. I know it's no excuse but I have been dedicating all my time and attention towards getting my first job out of Uni. I finished Uni around 4 weeks ago and since then have been applying for jobs in the media. My first round of success was with Mediaedge:CIA. I sent a speculative email and attached a cover letter and my CV. To my delight I was responded to almost immediately asking whetherI would be able to come down to the office for an interview, which I did of course. In the mean time I had also been contacted by GroupM and was interviewed for a role within Mediacom.

I recently found out that I had been successful in getting through to the final round at Mediaedge:CIA for their bespoke graduate rotation scheme and had to prepare a powerpoint presentation for the assessment day. I currently had a part time job although I was working most days in the week including weekends, so trying to focus all my attention and energy into this presentation was stressful to say the least, but it gets more stressful. I received a call two days before my Mediaedge:CIA grad day asking me to come in for a first round assessment day for Mediabrands owned 'Initiative'. The day started with a 1:1 interview with HR followed by a quantitative reasoning maths test - eek i hadn't used maths properly since 5 years ago when I did my GCSE's so this was slightly challenging!

However, after attending the Mediabrands assessment day I was called back that evening as I had been invited to the final round of assessments; my dream for landing my first job in media was almost close enough to touch. The second round consisted of a group task and then some more formal interviews with hiring managers. To my sheer surprise I received a call that evening offering me a choice of job, as all of the hiring managers who interviewed me wanted me for thier role!! It felt so rewarding to be valued by all the managers, however I knew deep down the role I was really pining after - 'Media Planning Assistant'.

I knew that I had my final grad assessment day for Mediaedge:CIA the next day so I didn't accept the offer straight away. Initiative knew I had this to and they said that I could have until end of play Monday to let them know my decision.

Dilemma! I was not going to find out for another week after the Mediaedge:CIA assessment day as to whether I had been successful or not.

Find out next week what I decided to do!