Monday, 30 May 2011

The Great Outdoors of Advertising

Special Build 48 Sheet
I spent the last official week of the MEC grad rotation learning everything there is to know about the world of out of home advertising (OOH). The other grads and I visited a number of key outdoor advertising players including JCDecaux, Clear Channel, CBS Outdoor and Ubiquitous Taxis. The week saw us playing drums on a special outdoor build for GU Puddings (see left), interacting with digital bus shelter posters, wrapping taxis and answering an OOH advertising brief for Bacardi Breezer. The week was extremely beneficial especially as my new official role as a Communications Planner will see me incorporating outdoor advertising into my media plans.
OOH enables brands to connect with people's lifestyles, offering media while people are on the move and the learning I will take away from the week is that OOH is so much more than a billboard or poster. The list of outdoor possibilities are endless from touch screens and interactive surfaces to 3D chalk art and water projections. The integration of mobile and social media (whether this be tweeting to screen or bluetooth technology) adds another dimension to OOH making it more accountable so my advice is watch this outdoor space!

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Below are a few images of the things we saw during our week of outdoor advertising:

Bus Shelter Takeover

Digital Interactive Bus Shelter 6 Sheet

Digital Interactive 6 Sheet

Liveries - Whole body taxi wrap

Wrapping our own super side taxi wrap

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