Saturday, 6 August 2011

If you sniff the line, walk the line #cokeboy

I thought it was worth sharing the most scandalous media story of the year so far and I'm not referring to the News of The World phone hacking scandal. I 'm talking about the scandalous antics of two media employees who were caught at an AOL summer party participating in drug taking and boob flashing also known as #cokeboy and #titgirl.

The party which was held in Brick Lane on Thursday was hosted by AOL who put on an annual summer party for the media agencies they work with. Apart from an epic DJ set, bacon butty canapes and unlimited bar, the instant fun photo booth became the talking point of the morning after!

When I came into work on Friday I was greeted by an email thread with the subject heading "BUSTED". It turns out the photo booth photos from the AOL party had been circulated online revealing a guy snorting coke off a credit card and a girl flashing her boobs at the camera. These two individuals rapidly became twitter celebrities as their scandalous activity spread like wild fire online. Trending as #cokeboy and #titgirl, the live Twitter stream was certainly entertaining as guests from the party commented and shared their thoughts about the idiocy of #cokeboy. But the scandal doesn't end there. Unfortunately it was confirmed by a number of sources that #cokeboy had in fact been made to walk the line after sniffing a line and was sacked from his job! I do feel sorry for him that his drunken lack of judgment even made it to the news pages of media trade press NMA.

My favourite tweets from the trending scandal are:

"I imagine that, like Kate Moss before him, 's career will, after a slight stutter, re-launch and he will go on to greatness "

"Are there any digital media parties that don't involve scandal anymore? Digital has finally become a 'traditional' channel "

"Someone should have told PUGS not DRUGS "

RIP #cokeboy

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