Sunday, 13 November 2011

What's next....Branded QR Codes?

I stumbled across an article on Digital Buzz Blog about QR Code Art and it got me thinking about how far QR codes will transform in the next few years. I realised if we can now design our own QR codes, make them pretty, colourful, patterned and all that jazz then the possibility of branded QR codes could be just around the corner.

QR codes are increasingly being used by advertisers and the public are becoming more and more familiar with the little monotonous squares that we now see on almost anything. 59% of all QR codes are stuck on packaging alone which is maybe the reason why the public engagement with QR codes has increased throughout the last year (4549% between Q1 2010 and Q1 2011).

However putting all impressive stats aside, the rise of the QR code is hindered by the fact that they all look the same and are ultimately a nice to have not a necessity to have. So how can brands and the public give their QR codes a personality and have fun with them? Here are a few suggestions I've thought of below:
  • Personalise the colours to match the brand
  • Create branded QR codes by integrating a brand/company logo
  • Artist Takashi Murakami created a branded QR code for fashion designer Louis Vuitton integrating the artist's character and LV's famous multi-colour monogram design.
  • Hide clues within the QR code graphic and create a mobile game
  • Give audiences a choice of two QR codes to scan for different experiences/content
  • Individuals creating their own personal QR code which holds all their profile details - perhaps we will start seeing these used instead of profile pictures or added onto CV's which direct employers to a candidates personal website?

Could this be the future of QR codes?
 The possibilities are endless! (apologies for the catch phrase)

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