Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Red Carpet Glory

The anticipation I felt for my first film premier definitely lived up to it's expectations. As I approached the red carpet for the premier of 'Morning Glory' I could hear fans screaming names of the celebs that had turned up to be snapped by the paps. Although I was no celeb I walked down the carpet feeling a million dollars, brushing shoulders with the likes of Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford...Ok well not quite, although they did make an appearance at the London premier. The closest I got to to any kind of celeb was Peter Andre and Stacey Solomon! All the cameras were flashing and the paps were directing the celebs to get their picture for the next morning's paper. For a split second I felt like I was one of the stars of the film as I faced a wall of camera men and photographers before entering the cinema. Once inside I had my celeb radar turned on full in the hope of spotting any guestlist worthy celebs. I had kind of hoped that Beckham would have made an appearance since he was actually on London soil but instead I only really spotted a handful of Z listers including Gillian McKeith and Kerry Katona who are both clearly trying to enhance their public profiles.

Before the film started the two main stars of the film came on stage to give the usual thank you speech.
The actual film proved to be lighthearted and enjoyable to watch and although not much depth, it's comical undertones scored it a few extra brownie points. Ford had seen better movie days and McAdams' role was quirky and cute. Overall the film was a hit but it is definitely a film that could be rented rather than seen on the big screen.
See the trailer below:

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